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Sonex Acoustics offers a complete selection of Sonex Acoustic Foam for sale online or by phone. Sonex Foam is an elegant acoustic solution for echo, reverberation, and noise control in recording studios, offices, factories, clean rooms, and more!
Wall Panels
Ceiling Panels

We offer the full Sonex line of acoustic foam panels for wall and ceiling. Sonex panels' acoustical properties make them effective at echo control. Micropores present in the foam reduce acoustic energy by converting it into miniature vibrations. Choose from a variety of sculpted surface patterns.

Acoustical ceiling products offer a variety of options for any architectural and acoustical design. All ceiling panel products are made of lightweight, fiber-free, Class 1 fire-rated materials that offer excellent acoustical control.

Custom Products
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Sonex Acoustics offers a variety of speciality and built-to-order products. All of our products provide excellent acoustical control. However, if you do not find a product that meets your needs, our staff will help find one that does.

Our company has been supplying acoustical products for over 35 years. Our technical staff is eager to assist you with your acoustical concerns. Give us a call a 800.263.7621 if you have any questions, or click the link above.